Ch. Double Scotch Gold Edward Cullen Ch. Double Scotch Gold Windstar Amalie By Design Pepperstone Piccolino Pelido Forgotten Dreams
Pepperstone Portia
Amalie Designed with Love Lynmead Brewed with Love
Amalie Designer Dream
Double Scotch Gold Scarlett O'hara Ch. Video Star of Slatestone Ch. Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar
Queen's Councel of Slatestone
Ch. Country's Dream Gold Crime of The Century Double Scotch Gold Honey Hunter
Country's Dream Gold Azate Actress
Double Scotch Black Xanthine Ch. Double Scotch Black Ice Cube Ch. Double Scotch Black Enchanter Ch. Amalie Best Bitter
Ch. Beauty Baby Gold Double Scotch
Coco Chanel Gold Double Scotch Ch. Pelido Royal Velvet
Miss Marple of Beinn Mhor
Fontaneblui Blue Vanille Ch. Double Scotch Black Enchanter Ch. Amalie Best Bitter
Ch. Beauty Baby Gold Double Scotch
Fontaneblui Blue Dorin Bomber Bridge Ajax
Caracasi Aziza
Momo of Castle Garden Camaro Rock 'N' Roll Ch. Scottlyme Xby Chance Brilyn Chance Again at Lynnswed Tashadon George Washington
Ch. Lanteague Black Magic at Brilyn
Ch. Harriet Showpuppet Ch. Mallicot Sticky Fingers
Q'Cathy De Gold Collies
Ch. Camaro Now or Never Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone Ch. Riding's Deep in My Heart
Unchain my Heart of Slatestone
Fresena's Quite Surprise Endless Design Mambo Man
Fresena's Fly A Way
Grace Black Gino of Castle Garden Gershwin Black Lazar von der Ruhrstadt Lansingh's Volontaire Ch. Amalie Best Bitter
Hirondelle Blue du Dramont
Classic Black Magic von der Ruhrstadt Ch. Rosegarden's Nice Black Magic
Ch. Blue Yelka von der Ruhrstadt
Honey Moon Magic von Four Colours Glen Morristone's Tequila Sunrise Ch. Jonny vom Dünnwalder Busch
Lansingh's Question And Answer
Black Flower vom Hause Reinhard Shakin All Over vom Hause Reinhard
Ch. Fancy vom Hause Reinhard

Farah van het Melkmeisje

Faylinn van het Melkmeisje

Fenja van het Melkmeisje

Figy van het Melkmeisje

Flinn van het Melkmeisje

Papa van de pups