Stamboom van Droomland van het Melkmeisje en Mitch in Blue vom Obersten-holtz 25-11-2012


Mitch in Blue vom Obersten-Holz Ch. Black Passion von Janinas Heart Ch. Camanna Captain Chaos Ch. Camanna The Copyist Ch. Camanna The Craftworker
Arranbrook Miss Glittergold at Camanna
Mallicot Make Believe at Camanna Geosan Flashback at Mallicot
Amalie Love Affair with Mallicot
Ch. Lady in Red von Janinas Heart Ch. Samhaven Dancing Flame Samhaven Made in Devon
Ch. Samhaven Summer Dreams
Black Fly von Janinas Heart Crash vom Hause Reinhard
Golden Ulyssa von Roystonea
Cool Lady vom Obersten-Holz Nicolaysen's Icebear Balou Ch. Malouine's Singin'The Blues Brilyn Black Inspiration
Malouine's Stray Cat Blues
Nicolaysen's Emily Ementaler Mistral Catch my Heart
Quo Vadis Buntes Blümchen
Astell vom Obersten-Holz Ch. Funky Town Percy of Kassiopeia Ch. Orson Vom Hause Reinhard
Believe On Happyness of Kassiopeia
Kilikina's Aloha Rocky von den Dreizehnmorgen
Michelle vom Sonnenhang
Droomland van het Melkmeisje Camaro Rock 'N' Roll Ch. Scottlyme Xby Chance Brilyn Chance Again at Lynnswed Tashadon George Washington
Ch. Lanteague Black Magic at Brilyn
Ch. Harriet Showpuppet Ch. Mallicot Sticky Fingers
Q'Cathy De Gold Collies
Ch. Camaro Now or Never Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone Ch. Riding's Deep in My Heart
Unchain my Heart of Slatestone
Fresena's Quite Surprise Endless Design Mambo Man
Fresena's Fly A Way
Cloë van Broenshoof Riding's A Life in France People Black de Midland Valley Jamiroquai of Moon River
Lady Black du Clos de Windmire
Riding's Kiss Me Quick Collostar's Special Look Umberto
Riding's Yeh Yeh
Kayla of The Blackstone Valley Crusader of The Blackstone Valley Evad Vagabond King
Aphrodite of The Blackstone Valley
Honey Dew of the Blackstone Valley Ch. Brilyn Double Ace
Fairytale of The Cleveland Hills

Enox van het Melkmeisje

Esmee van het Melkmeisje

Eros van het Melkmeisje

Enya van het Melkmeisje

Eline van het Melkmeisje

Papa van de pups

Papa van de pups.